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Oscar Bunnik

Oscar Bunnik – A message for Beth

Oscar Bunnik. We would like you to meet Oscar Bunnik; a Dutch hip-hop artist you will love to know. His new song "Beth" is a hit your ears will thank you for......
Trendsetta trendsettalifestyle nxxup

Trendsetta – The Influencer

Trendsetta, also known as Trendsettalifestyle on Instagram, began his career in the music business at the age 17 and has grown exponentially from his ...
party with me marquetteking

Marquette King – Party with me

Let’s talk about Marquette King, the professional football player who is now an upcoming artist! Football was the chosen path, but life often steers us in another direction. Marquette...

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Aijalon Singz - Rumination

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Retro Nicotine

Retro Nicotine – Dennis Rodman Single

Meet Retro Nicotine, a young artist currently based in South Florida recently released a new single "Dennis Rodman." This lyrically talented artist will take you to a different place emotionally with this song, so prepare to be in your feelings....
Billionaire Buck - NXXUP

Billionaire Buck – Couple of p’zz

Billionaire Buck, an upcoming artist from Compton, California, has recently released the official music video for his new single "Couple of P'zz," shortly after "Good Day" came out....

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Build your fanbase using dating apps.

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Orlando FL florida artists

Orlando, FL – Indie Artists Wanted

We understand the value of support as an upcoming artists, so we are here to help! Candidates can look forward to opportunities such as free photo shoots, film, interviews and more! ...