Now this is the type of vibe we like here on NXXUP, and if you don’t like it, you must be salty! This new track by @obndz and @tomokaryan ft. r&b artist @aijalonsingz, was quickly added to our playlist after its release!

Salty Music Video -

“It get so exhausting, trying to keep the bullsh*t up off me. Damn, you lost me! You must be salty!”

They knew exactly what they were doing giving us the laid back beach vibe in their new video. The song is very catchy, fun and just in time for the summer! We want to be the first to say you will most likely hear this song on your favorite radio stations sooner than you think. These up and coming artist deserve recognition for their hard work and energy put in to making this hit!

Check out their new video here

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