The greatest hack to music marketing is the guru.

Every artist in the game wants to hit that million mark; whether it be a million dollars, a million views on YouTube, a million plays on Spotify, or a million follows on Instagram, it’s a goal that can be challenging if you don’t have the right people on your team.

Jens is a music marketer that has a level of expertise that is second to none; spending years mastering the art of campaigns that have led to artist success. His tactics and blessings from the “Google Gods” give his clients the opportunity of massive exposure. He works with hundreds of artist, record labels, and even launched advertising campaigns for PlayStation, Wingstop, and many other well-known companies.


What is his secret exactly?

It’s not a secret, it’s years of experience and trial and error. Jens loves working with artist and helping them become the next big thing. He has made hundreds of videos on Instagram with tips and tricks to help artist with their careers. He has even created an online course that teaches you the music marketing business.

If you are not interested in doing the work yourself, Jens is available for your music marketing needs.

What kind of growth can you expect to see?

When launching campaigns, jens advises everyone of two things: create dope tracks and great content. From there he does the rest to get you the exposure you desire.

During and after campaign management, you can expect to see major growth in your views, follows, likes and engagement, streams, and more! His campaigns will allow you to see new loyal fans and money in your pocket.

We have studied Jens closely and we are confident in saying the man knows his stuff. When you have companies and record labels asking for your help, you gotta be the man.

Jens the guru - Music marketing professional

If you are still asking yourself these questions, you need to make an appointment with Jens:

  1. How to get more views on Youtube?
  2. How do you get streams on Spotify?
  3. How do I get more fans?
  4. How to get a record deal?
  5. How to use google analytics?

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