Tajh Spikes (Born June 18, 1992), is an American hip hop recording artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His whole life has been the content for his music. Tajh is a writer bound to his emotions; speaking his truth regardless of the perception of others. His delivery and compelling wordplay truly set’s him apart from the rest.

Whip Cover 1 best new artist

Tajh Spikes energy induced “Whip” depicts the everyday struggle of a cool guy handling life’s quarrels.

“All the timing I leave it in god’s hands it steady reminds me, that patience is diamonds”

While “Giving energy hoping it’ll come back,” Tajh is depicting the everyday struggle of a cool guy handling life quarrels. This track produced by In-house producer A.D.D. Beats, perfectly carries the hype delivery and flow of Baton Rouge native Tajh Spikes.

Check out Whip by Tajh Spikes

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