Speaking out with her new single “State of the Nation“, Chewii has made a powerful statement in honor of George Floyd, and anyone who has ever lost their life due to police brutality, or the color of their skin.

This South Florida Artist sums up everything we are all feeling at the moment; the protest, the riots, it isn’t enough, and enough is enough.

Chewii is an independent artist from South Florida who writes and produces her own music. She was born in Montreal, Canada to an American father and French Canadian mother.

Her intrinsic approach to music is incredibly inspiring and very much appreciated. After being unheard for so long, this is a song we can relate to, this is a song the people needed, and we are grateful.

A song written with compassion and purpose; State of the Nation was created in under five hours and released only two days later as a dedication to George Floyd.

” I dedicate this song to George Floyd and all those who are under attack because of the color of their skin”

Check out Chewii’s new music exclusively on SoundCloud. Follow her on Instagram @Chewiimusique and make sure you mention you heard it here first!

state of the nation cover art chewiimusique

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