Celebs don’t get to make mistakes

It takes a lot of courage to get up and publicly show your disapproval, especially for actions that have caused someone to lose their life at the hands of shady law enforcement officers. Protesters have been beaten, shot and some killed for trying to make a difference because once again, a brown-colored person was killed by police, who few believe are meant to protect us.

As protesting continues, some peaceful protests turn into riots due to infiltrators who have other agendas. It is public knowledge that not all protesters are rioting, but maybe some didn’t get the memo.


Recently female rapper Trina made comments on the Trick and Trina Morning Show, saying that protesters from Dade-County are “running around like animals who escaped from a zoo,” and people are angry!

IMG 8967 george floyd

Petitions have been popping up to get Trina kicked off the morning show, but does she deserve to lose everything?

Words like “animal” or “thug” are often used by white people to describe people of color who participate in activities that are frowned upon. So as a black woman, Trina should have known better. Especially when we are in the middle of fighting another race war.

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Trina seems to stand by her comments, even as she gets dragged by Twitter

Celebrities are often asked their opinion on a subject at the risk of being rejected or disowned. Trina was dead wrong, but does she deserve to lose everything for her comments? We don’t think so, but she has some making up to do if she wants to keep her fans happy.

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In other news, Tokyojetz was just recently despised for being caught saying “I’ll George Floyd your mother fuckin ass,” while on live with her friend on Instagram.


How can anyone feel comfortable making a joke like this? Does she feel as though she could never be a victim of police brutality? Comments like this say a lot about a person’s character and how they really feel about a situation.

With this being a joke about a recent event that has thousands protesting all over the world, fans feel that Tokyojetz has shown her true colors and have canceled her immediately.

IMG 8965 george floyd

Her public apology appeared to be sincere, as she teared up making it known that there is no excuse for what she did. Not all fans were satisfied and some responded with disapproval.

We agree that Tokyojetz was dead wrong, but does she deserve to lose everything? We don’t think so.

Her apology was a step in the right direction, but it may not save her career.

It’s impossible to make everyone happy, but as a celebrity, it is important to remember that your fans are your employers. Lose your fans and you could possibly lose everything. It doesn’t work that way for supporters, but we need to remember that celebs make mistakes too.


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