Meet Chris Keil, an American artist, and songwriter from Newark, New Jersey.

At a very young age Chris understood the influences of music, how it moved him, and motivated him to rap and share those same feelings with others. He began his portfolio writing lyrics in middle school where he learned he was lyrically talented.

His first released project, “Young and Unlucky,” was the mixtape that allowed Chris to tell his story as a young man living a life full of trial and error. Though life was tough, this never discouraged him from his musical journey.

In 2018, Chris continued to show his love and dedication for music with the release of his EP, “Floral,” which won the hearts of thousands of listeners, but “Floral” did not come easy. Working for months, sacrificing sleep, granted Chris the success he wanted and deserved on his EP.

Check out the full EP on Spotify! Let us know what you think!

Follow Chris on Instagram @Iadorechris

Chris Keil NXXUP
Chris Keil NXXUP
Chris Keil NXXUP
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