A New Direction

Let’s talk about Marquette King, the professional football player who is now an upcoming artist!

Football was the chosen path, but life often steers us in another direction. Marquette started his career as a punter for the Oakland Raiders, and was later picked up by the Denver Broncos. His sports career was a huge success until an injury forced him to take some time off.

Before his professional career in the NFL, Marquette had a strong desire for making music. His passion for music returned to him as he healed from his injuries, and has been a great relief during his recovery.

The Musical Journey

A pop artist or a hip-hop artist? His music can be described as “pop-hop.”

His single “Party With Me,” is the complete mixture of both. This song makes you wanna get in your car and pull up at a random location to show off your best moves! You can find this song on some of your favorite streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music!

Keep up with Marquette on Twitter and Instagram to be informed on his new releases!

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