The Dutch Rapper

We would like you to meet Oscar Bunnik; a Dutch hip-hop artist you will love to know. Oscar isn’t just a rapper, but a law student currently pursuing his degree at the University of Amsterdam. His passion for creating music keeps him headstrong in all areas of his life, even with the current pandemic, he remains focused on his work.

Oscar has recently released his new Single “Beth,” and it is definitely a hit your ears will thank you for! His delivery was perfect and he sets the right tone for this song that has a hip-hop and pop kind of vibe.

Oscar Bunnik - Beth
Oscar Bunnik – Beth

A Song For Beth

The story behind “Beth” is just as beautiful as the song itself. After speaking with Oscar we learned that Beth was a woman he met on a train in Sri Lanka. The time Oscar spent on the train with Beth is something that he may never forget. He described their conversation as truly amazing, and the chemistry between them was undeniable.

Unfortunately, that was a very chaotic day onboard the train, and Oscar and Beth got split up in the crowd. He has never been able to find Beth since then but is hoping he can reach her through his music. Let’s make this song number one so we can reunite Oscar and Beth!

Listen to Oscar’s new single now and let us know what you think!!! Follow Oscar Bunnik on Instagram to keep us with his latest projects.

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