Introducing The Internet Boyfriend

Meet Retro Nicotine, a young artist currently based in South Florida recently released a new single “Dennis Rodman.” This lyrically talented artist will take you to a different place emotionally with this song, so prepare to be in your feelings. His style is unique and he brings the energy to match. Retro Nicotine’s biggest inspiration for this song came from his interest and love for Dennis Rodman and what he did to impact the fashion industry.

“He broke a lot of gender norms and was doing stuff at the time that others were scared to do. He’s a huge inspiration to me and that’s what led to the creation of this song.”

Some other idols that this artist really looks up to are David Bowie, Mac Miller, and Brad Nowell from sublime. Keep up with Retro Nicotine on Instagram and check out his new single on Spotify now!

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